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A beautiful bride with a monochrome bouquet
preparing make up for the wedding
a special moment as the happy couple catch each others eye
newly married couple cutting the wedding cake together
final strategic adjustments to ones decolettage
family and friends at the wedding reception
close up of a bouquet
newly weds posing next to the waterfeature
the wedding party come together to solve a tricky boutoniere
one cuff has links one has buttons
signing the wedding register
preparations for your guests
the first night of the rest of your lives
bouquet and shoes
the joy to come in the circle of life
reception space prepared before the guests descend
newly marries hands entwined to show the wedding rings
the wedding ceremony voewed from the back of the venue
emotional moments caprured forever - its the happiest day of your life
I remember bubbles from when I was a child
this stained glass window makes for a stunning wedding location
an unforgetable day
a friend lends a hand to get dressed
wedding dress waiting
bouquet with dress beyond
popping champagne corks on the big day
hand in hand in hand with the bridesmaids
I reall am a size 10
Wedding dress + bouquet + shoes - the full ensemble
intimate moments captured
deatails of the grooms buttonhole
the wedding cake before cutting